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One of the BEST-rated parks in texas

With its state-of-the-art water rides, innovative features and interactive attractions, Hawaiian Falls Roanoke has drawn a lot of attention since the waterpark opened in 2011 - offering an exciting way to spend the day with your friends and family exploring our aquatic adventures. As one of the recent Texas waterparks in the Hawaiian Falls family, this premier waterpark is sure to provide your family with fun-filled experiences and create memories that you'll cherish for years to come.

 Hawaiian Falls Roanoke is home to the world's first multi-tube slide where participants can race against each other to the finish line. 

Thrilling Waterpark Attractions

Hawaiian Falls Roanoke takes waterparks in Texas to a new level of excitement with the Mega WaterWorld attraction, the largest aquatic play structure in the world. Equipped with body slides, dump buckets, a three-line racer, and a family raft ride, this attraction offers fun for the entire family. Our Roanoke Waterpark is also home to Beach Blasters, the world's first multi-tube slide where participants can race against each other to the finish line.

Beat the Heat in Breaker Bay at Hawaiian Falls Roanoke

Waterpark Fun for the Entire Family

At Hawaiian Falls, each of our waterparks include dining and shopping opportunities to enhance your day of family fun. Stop by Surf Side BBQ for a hearty lunch or head over to Sharkey's Café for some kid-sized meals. Cool off with authentic Hawaiian shave ice or reserve a private cabana for some pampering fun and relaxation. When you're on the hunt for a waterpark in Texas that truly offers something for everyone, Hawaiian Falls Roanoke fits the bill.



Say "Aloha" to your personal paradise! Let us pamper you all day in your private cabana. Cabanas are great family meeting places and the perfect way to treat that special someone.

Become a Season Passholder and get 15% Off Cabana Rentals!

Private cabanas are located throughout the park by the lazy river, wave pool and Mega WaterWorld.

 Relax in your own personal paradise in a cabana at Hawaiian Falls Roanoke, private cabanas are located throughout the park by the lazy river, wave pool and Mega WaterWorld.

Services and amenities included with a Cabana:

  • Wait service
  • Two luxury chaise lounges
  • Two luxury upright chairs
  • An Aqua Vault
  • Private shaded area with a max capacity of 15
  • Ability to close 3 sides of your cabana for shade
  • Your name on your cabana


Monday through Thursday: $100
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays: $150

To reserve a cabana, email: birthdaysroanoke@hfalls.com

Don't forget to purchase your $21.99 discount admission tickets by adding Big Kahuna tickets to your shopping cart when reserving a cabana. You may also purchase up to eight (8) tickets at check-in if you didn't while reserving online. All Day drink wristbands can be purchased for $5/person.

Cabanas must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance. When booking, please specify your preferred  cabana location. Locations are subject to availability. 

Hawaiian Falls asks that all guests renting cabanas arrive by 12:00 p.m. Your cabana may be rebooked if you fail to notify the park of a late arrival. Plans can change and we are more than happy to work with you to reschedule your reservation. 

Please notify the park at least 48 hours in advance to cancel a cabana reservation. Cancellations incur a 20% cancellation fee



Play the ultimate water ballon game. Your family won't want to miss the brand new Tsunami Soaker attraction at Hawaiian Falls Roanoke! Battle your opponent until you are drenched in this epic game of water balloon wars. Almost as much fun to watch as it is to play!


A family style raft ride that holds 2 to 6 people sending you through a dark twist and sudden drop to the half-pipe.

Two to six individuals per raft. Minimum 2 Riders, Maximum 6 Riders. Minimum weight 350lbs, maximum weight 600lbs. Must be at least 40 inches tall.


These two body slides will take you on a twisty adventure with a clear view of the sun.

Maximum operational load: 1 Person, 300 lbs (136kg). Height Requirement: Must be at least 40 inches tall.


Enjoy the winding wonders of our lazy river with waterfalls, frogs and turtles.

Children under 6 should be supervised by an adult.


These two body slides will take you on a twisty adventure with a clear view of the sun.

Maximum operational load: 1 Person, 300 lbs (136kg). Must be at least 40 inches tall.

Keiki Cowabunga at Hawaiian Falls Roanoke is a great slide for the little kahunas and for those who have never experienced the thrill of water slides!


Your little ones will love to zip down this little slide over and over again.

Maximum operation load: 1 person, 200 lbs (91 kg). Children under 6 should be supervised by an adult.

Don't underestimate the Keiki Tsunami at Hawaiian Falls Roanoke, this lil guy packs a punch!


Maximum operational load: 1 Person, 300 lbs (136kg. Must be at least 40 inches tall.


The world’s first dueling multi tube racer where 2 two person tubes are launched in opposite directions to race against each other to victory!

Height Requirement: Must be at least 42 inches tall.


This one person body slide will send you down a dark twisting tunnel then dump you into a spiraling bowl.

Maximum operational load: 1 person, 300 lbs (136 kg). Must be at least 40 inches tall.


A three-lane raceway where riders can compete for the fastest time.

Maximum operational load: 1 Person, 300 lbs (136kg).Must be at least 40 inches tall.


This ride begins with dark twists and with one quick turn the sun appears. Have this thrill solo or with a friend.

Maximum operational load: 2 Persons, 400 lbs (182kg). Must be at least 40 inches tall.


The Rush promises to satisfy all your senses as you slide down to your favorite song in complete darkness! You will be stunned and amazed by the laser lightshow and water misters. Not for the faint of heart.

Height Requirement: Must be at least 42 inches tall.


Keep your feet cool as you walk through the park on our refreshing Water Walkway!


Maximum operational load: 1 Person, 300 lbs (136kg. Must be at least 40 inches tall.


Power through our Hawaiian high waves in a cool tube or brave the waves alone.

Children under 6 should be supervised by an adult.


Mega WaterWorld, the world's largest aqua play structure, includes a three-lane racer, a family raft ride, thrilling body slides, a 500-gallon and a 1,000-gallon dump bucket, numerous interactive pulleys, wheels and great water features.

Children under 6 should be supervised by an adult.


WAIKIKI TOWER'S Pipeline Plunge are two 65-foot high free fall body slides that takes riders through over the edge. Watch out below!

Height Requirement: Must be at least 48 inches tall.


Tiki Man is an interactive water feature that will have you laughing in no time!


Tsunami is a two person tube slide that curls around like a coiled snake before lauching riders to a finish!

Height Requirement: Must be at least 42 inches tall.


Maximum operational load: 1 Person, 300 lbs (136kg. Must be at least 40 inches tall.


Maximum operational load: 1 Person, 300 lbs (136kg. Must be at least 40 inches tall.

The Shaka Meter is the Hawaiian Falls Thrill-Meter, 1 being relaxed and 5 being extreme!
The Shaka sign is a Hawaiian hand gesture that loosely translates to "hang loose".. Shaka!

The shaka sign, is a hand gesture associated with Hawaii and surf culture of the 1960s. The shaka sign is used by Hawaiians to convey the "Aloha Spirit", a concept of friendship, to express "howzit?", "thanks", "hang loose" and "all right!"

The Hawaiian Falls Shaka Meter rates the park water slides and attractions from 1 to 5. One, being easy and calm to a five meaning intense or thrilling.

All rides are subject to be closed due to weather, maintenance requirements, or other circumstances and are subject to availability, as well as height, weight, and safety restrictions. For an accurate measurement of your child, please ask an ambassador at the front gate upon arrival.


Sharkey's Cafe

Head on over to Sharkey's Cafe for some great food! Grab yourself a brisket, hamburger, or hot dog combo meal or two slices of Sharkey's famous pizza. Other Sharkey's favorites are nachos, pretzels, churros and french fries. There are even meals for the little ones! Choose a kids meal such as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, hot dog or a slice of pizza with chips. Sharkey's is open from 11:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. daily and open until 8:00 p.m. on Fridays.




Safeguard Your Belongings

Enjoy unlimited quick access and never worry about your belongings when you're having fun at Hawaiian Falls with the all new self-pay, keyless, electronic lockers available at a one stop rental center kiosk. No deposit required.
Roanoke Locker Pricing:

  • Small (12"W x 15"H x 18"D) $10
  • Medium (15"W x 18"H x 18"D) $15
  • Large (18” W x 24” H x 27” D) $20


Inflated tubes are free at Hawaiian Falls and available for use at each specific attraction. Tubes cannot be removed or taken to other areas or attractions in the park.

Pack a Picnic

Spending the whole day by the wave pool? Bring some snacks! We kindly request no cooked, prepared, or catered food enters the park. Pizza delivery, fast food, and homemade large dinners are prohibited. Hawaiian Falls does not allow alcohol, glass or sharp knives.

Any size cooler and/or bag containing food or drinks will be charged a $15 fee and will be searched upon entry.

Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice

You can't visit Hawaii without grabbing a cool shave ice. Often described as "eating a cloud", your favorite flavor will taste like a dream! Some popular flavors are cherry, strawberry, blue raspberry, coconut and lime.

Gift Shop

Visit our gift shop for everything you need including: Lockers, candy, Mini Melts, ice cream, Lemon Chills, Big Squirt water toys, snack bags, cotton candy, sunscreen, sunglasses and various Hawaiian Falls souvenirs.

Menu and Gift Shop items at Hawaiian Falls Roanoke are subject to availability and may change at any time.

Surf Side BBQ

Aloha Y'all! We are still Texas after all! No party is complete without some classic Texas style barbecue. Freshly grilled hamburgers, turkey legs, sausage on a stick and mouth watering brisket are just a few items at Surf Side BBQ. The grill is only open on select days, generally Thursday through Sunday.



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290 W Byron Nelson Blvd.
Roanoke, Texas 76262

Telephone: (817) 853-0099

Hawaiian Falls Roanoke is located directly below the iconic Roanoke water tower, ½ mile northwest of TX-114 BUS and HWY 377 on Byron Nelson Blvd.


We are now closed for the 2018 season.


Parking is always free at Hawaiian Falls Roanoke. VIP Parking may also be available for a nominal fee. Hawaiian Falls Roanoke always has free floating tubes and life jackets. Coolers are allowed but there is a fee.

At Hawaiian Falls, our five waterparks in Texas are built with your family's fun and safety in mind. Each member of our Hawaiian Falls team strives to ensure that you come away from our Texas waterparks with lasting memories that you'll treasure forever. With more than 40 years of experience, we're dedicated to providing you with waterpark attractions and activities that your entire family can enjoy.

If you and your family are searching for family friendly waterpark fun, Hawaiian Falls Roanoke is the place to be. If your family is vacationing in the Fort Worth area or you live nearby, Hawaiian Falls Roanoke is your Fort Worth waterpark destination this summer. Head out to your Keller waterpark, Hawaiian Falls Roanoke, where you and your family can beat the heat all summer long. Your Grapevine waterpark at Hawaiian Falls offers all the water rides and slides you and your family need to make the most of your summer. Hawaiian Falls in Roanoke invites our Flower Mound waterpark enthusiasts to come out for family-friendly fun all summer long. Welcoming all of our Decatur waterpark fans, come on out to Hawaiian Falls at Roanoke for family fun-in-the-sun!