Need to make a payment or update your payment information?

You will need your confirmation number and email used when purchasing. Your confirmation number can be found on your confirmation email received after your purchase was complete.


What do I do if I lost my email confirmation?

1. Try searching your email for “Hawaiian Falls Water Park”. You may need to check your spam folder as well.
2. Try searching your email for hfallscolony@mg.parkezpay.com”. You may need to check your spam folder as well.
3. If you are still unable to locate your confirmation email, please email infocolony@hfallswaterpark.com. Please include the name of the purchaser and the approximate date you purchased.



Is there a deadline to enroll in a payment plan?
Payment plans are available now through February 28, 2022.


Why use a payment plan?
Payment plans allow you to spread the cost of your Hawaiian Falls The Colony Island Pass, Gold Pass or Season Cooler Pass over the course of several installments.


When can I start using my pass if I use the payment plan?
If you purchase your season pass while our payment plan is available and are up-to-date on your payment you can start playing opening day.


How do I purchase using a payment plan?
Once you have added your pass to the shopping cart and have filled out all of your information, you will be prompted a check out to either paying for auto pay using the payment plan option before entering your payment information.


Does my season pass cost more when I choose the payment plan?
No. There are no interest fees, finance charges for other hidden fees when you choose to pay with a payment plan.


What is the payment schedule?
Payment plans will charge the first month’s payment plus any taxes and fees at the time of purchase. The remaining installments will be made on the same day of each month as the original purchase. Meaning, if a guest makes a purchase for a three-month payment plan on March 15th, the second payment would occur on April 15th and the third payment on May 15th.


What can I purchase using a payment plan?
My Island Season Passes, Gold Passes and Season Cooler Passes are available for the payment plans.


Can I change the card I use or update my payment information?
Guests are able to view their payment status on the Hawaiian Falls The Colony Payment Portal page. Guests can also access the Payment Portal via your confirmation email. The Payment Portal allows guests to update their billing information and make late payments on their account. Payment plan balances can only be paid ahead of time by visiting the park. The dates of schedule payments cannot be changed at any time. Guess that default on payments will have their passes deactivated until such time that they can make payments to bring their account to a current status. Guests are able to utilize their pass as well making payments as long as they do not default it at any time.


What is the cancellation policy?
All payments are nonrefundable and non-transferable. If you choose to cancel your payments, all prior payments will be kept and all future payments will be canceled. You’re My Island Season Pass, Gold Pass and/or Season Cooler Pass will be canceled.


What if my car declined the payment?
Guests will receive a reminder email prior to the payment being charged. Please be sure there are sufficient funds to cover this charge. If a guest’s payment declines the purchase is subject to cancellation. Guests will receive an email with additional information of the card declined on the payment attempt.


Can I pay off my purchase early?
Yes. You can visit the payment portal, CLICK HERE to pay the remaining amount.


What if I don’t want to use a payment plan?
Guests we’re not required to purchase season passes on a payment plan. When adding desired items to your shopping cart choose the pay in full option.


For the safety of all our guest and team members, we have increased all health and safety measures at Hawaiian Falls The Colony. You must follow all posted instructions and instructions given by our team members while visiting.


The CDC and local health departments advise that older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.  There is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 while in any public place where people are present.  By visiting Hawaiian Falls The Colony, you are voluntarily assuming all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. 


Have questions or want more information?

Email us at infocolony@hfallswaterpark.com