Visit us on our educational days when we turn the park into a learning lab or just give your kids a pass to have fun. Hawaiian Falls also offers special fundraising opportunities to schools, as well as our STEAM Ahead program.

Who is S.T.E.A.M. Ahead for? 

Students use critical thinking techniques to apply concepts in problem solving by practicing an interdisciplinary  model and approach. While working outside the traditional classroom setting, students acquire tools to solve problems, otherwise known as integrated learning. This program is designed for grades 3rd—8th students & teachers. The curriculum is for those teachers that creativity, innovation and the 4C’s of the 21st learning skills in their lesson plans.


What is Your Part as the Teacher? 

TEKS requires teachers to include activities that are difficult to reproduce in class as part of their lesson plans. This planning allows for real world interdisciplinary interaction that correlates with classroom learning. Hawaiian Falls will provide a “What to Expect and How to Prepare” email to share with the students before arrival. Upon arrival teachers will work in conjunction with the Hawaiian Falls STEAM Ahead team to orchestrate an interactive and engaging field trip. Teachers are encouraged to utilize the data collected by the students during the visit to initiate post-STEAM Ahead analysis. The Hawaiian Falls team will provide example exercises for in classroom study as a guide. 

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