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Frequently Asked Questions

Directions / Parking / Hours

Where is Hawaiian Falls Garland?
Hawaiian Falls Garland's address is 4550 N Garland Ave., Garland, TX 75040. Hawaiian Falls Garland is located at the intersection of Spring Creek Way and North Garland Avenue in the 129 acre Cecil Winters Park, Garland, Texas, one mile south of the George Bush Tollway (190) and North Garland Avenue.


Is there a parking fee?
Parking is free at Hawaiian Falls Garland. VIP Parking may be available for a nominal fee.


When is Hawaiian Falls Garland Open?
Hawaiian Falls Garland is open for the 2020 season May 30 through September 7, 2020!


Does Hawaiian Falls Garland have a Weather/Rain Policy?
We do not offer refunds for inclement weather. However, if the park closes for 30 minutes or longer due to weather, guests already in the park with a daily admission receipt for the day who leave due to weather can receive a complimentary ticket at the front gate to come back another day. Proof of daily admission purchase (receipt) must be presented at the front gate on the same day to be eligible for a complimentary ticket.


I lost an item at Hawaiian Falls Garland, is there a Lost and Found?
Lost and Found is located at the front gate. If you have discovered you may be missing something after you visit, please contact Hawaiian Falls Garland at 972-675-8888. Due to the high volume, lost items reports are only kept active for seven days. Hawaiian Falls Garland is not responsible for lost, missing or stolen personal property To better assist you, please have the following information before contacting Hawaiian Falls Garland: A detailed description of the item (e.g. brand, color, unique features); Date and location of the missing item; For lost cell phones, please provide the serial number, make, model and carrier; Your contact information; And please tell us if you have completed a lost item report before leaving the waterpark.



Online Store Sales

Do I have to register my e-mail with Hawaiian Falls Garland's online store?
Guests do not have to register their email to make an online purchase however, an email will be required to send your payment confirmation and/or e-tickets to. 


What are Hawaiian Falls Garland's online payment options?
Hawaiian Falls Garland  accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX for online orders. Daily admission purchases must be made in full. Season Passes are available for payment plans. Payment Plans will charge the first month's payment plus any taxes and fees at the time of purchase.  The remaining installments will be made on the same day of each month as the original purchase.  Meaning if a guest makes a purchase for a 3-month payment plan on March 15th, the second payment would occur on April 15th and the third on May 15th.  Guests are able to view their payment status on the Hawaiian Falls Garland Payment Portal page, click here.  Guests can also access the Payment Portal via their confirmation email.  The Payment Portal allows guests to update their billing information and make late payments on their account.  Payment Plan balances can only be paid ahead of time by visiting the Park.  The dates of scheduled payments cannot be changed at any time.  Guests that default on payments will have their passes deactivated until such time that they make payments to bring their account to a current status.  Guests are able to utilize their passes while making payments as long as they have not defaulted at any time.   


When will I receive my Season Pass, coupons, perks and/or online tickets?
Season passes purchased online can be picked up at the park. We are no longer printing coupon sheets. You can view season pass benefits and coupons online by visiting the My Pass Page. To use your benefits and coupons, just show your season pass key tag at the front gate, Sharkey's, Surf Shop and/or food kiosk. Season cooler passes will be added directly to the season pass holder for which it was purchased for. Daily admission tickets purchased online, will be sent to the email address given at the time of purchase. Season Pass photo identification is required on all passes. You can get your photo taken at the park when you process your pass. We are unable to process passes without taking a picture of the pass holder.


How do I print or re-print Hawaiian Falls Garland tickets or season passes?

You’ll use the print functions from your internet browser to print your tickets at any time after your order is complete. You can either print them directly from your order confirmation screen by using the View Tickets link, or by using the View Tickets link from your email order confirmation.


Will I be able to print tickets purchased from my mobile device? 

Yes, you can print tickets from any printer connection to your phone or by using your order confirmation email from a desktop device. But you can also just bring your mobile device and have them scan your tickets without printing them at all!


Can I get a refund on my ticket purchase or season pass? 

All ticket purchases and season passes are final, there are NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS. However, your tickets should be good for admission any day with a few exceptions noted on your ticket; so please come another day!


How do I purchase tickets from my mobile device? 

Printing your paper e-ticket for daily admission tickets and presenting it at the front gate is the fastest way to enter the park during the summer season! No need to wait in line to purchase tickets. Go straight to the gate for entrance at 10:30 or later! Save time and buy online!

  • Start by clicking the "Buy Tickets" button at the top of the page
  • Select which ticket offer you'd like to purchase
  • Enter the quantity of each item you with to buy
  • Add the tickets to your cart
  • Tap the "Update Cart" button  
  • Review your order and click Checkout
  • Enter your payment information
  • Click the "Pay Now" button
  • You'll receive a confirmation of your order right on your screen and can View Tickets right away to walk up to the front gate and enter the park!


How do I enter Hawaiian Falls Garland after purchasing my tickets online? 

You can either print your tickets from home and bring them with you to the park or use the View Tickets link to access your tickets on your phone and have them scanned with no printing needed! When you arrive at the front gate, a ticket attendant will be available to scan your tickets.


What if my purchase failed?

If you received a message that your purchase was unsuccessful, you should recheck your entered purchase information and try again. The address you enter on the checkout screen MUST MATCH the address information used as the billing address on the credit card you are using to purchase your tickets.


What if I have an error adding something to my cart?

From time to time we will have an update to the store while you’re planning your visit. To ensure that you get the best pricing and most current ticket offers, you may receive a message indicating that you need to start over with your purchase to add the new available items to your cart. If you’re having a technical problem purchasing tickets online, please call (405) 478-2522, ext 108 for assistance. A technical support agent cannot provide event-specific information such as hours of operation, detailed information about the entitlements associated with tickets and passes, detailed information about events, or refunds under any circumstances.


Who do I contact if I have trouble buy online tickets? 

If you’re having a technical problem purchasing tickets online, please call (405) 478-2522, ext 108 for assistance. A technical support agent cannot provide event-specific information such as hours of operation, detailed information about the entitlements associated with tickets and passes, detailed information about events, or refunds under any circumstances. If you have questions about your tickets or your visit to Hawaiian Falls Garland, please call 972-675-8888.


Cost / Admission

How much is admission?
Please visit our Daily Admission page for more information.


What is included with a Season Pass?
Hawaiian Falls Garland My Island Season Passes are valid for unlimited visits to Hawaiian Falls Garland during regular operating dates and times. Click here to view park calendar. Season Passholder perks include early entry into the park (30 minutes prior to opening) for first choice of shade, seating and more!

Additional specials are offered throughout the season to our Garland Beach Club members through email broadcasts. Garland Beach Club membership is free. Season passes are not valid for pre- or post-season events, private events or exclusive engagements. Find out more about season passes here.

Sorry, no refunds. Tickets and season passes are valid all summer long during regular operating hours. All ticket and season passholders grant permission to Hawaiian Falls Garland to use his or her photo and video images taken at the park to be used for advertising purposes without payment to the holder.


Does Hawaiian Falls Garland have corporate or group rates?
Special rates for groups are available depending on the size of your group. For more details on group rates, please visit our Group Outings page.


May I leave and re-enter the park without a charge?
You may exit the park and reenter throughout the day as long as you have the proper hand stamp or re-entry wristband which may be obtained at the exit of the park and will be provided upon request by a Hawaiian Falls Ambassador (employee).


Is there a refund policy?
Hawaiian Falls Garland has a No Refund policy. Day tickets and season passes are valid all season long on any regular operating day.


I am not going to swim. Do you have a spectator rate?
Hawaiian Falls Garland is a participatory park and therefore, we do not offer a discount for those who choose not to swim.



Amenities & Services

Do you provide first aid at Hawaiian Falls Garland?
All Hawaiian Falls Garland water safety employees are trained in CPR. We also have EMT’s on staff and on site at the park. The park has a First-Aid station located at the front of the park for our guest’s comfort and convenience.


May I bring my own floats?
No outside floating devices are permitted as they might create a visual hazard for our lifeguards. However, infant floats with seating attached are permitted. Hawaiian Falls Garland only allows coast guard approved life jackets. We do provide inner-tubes free of charge on a first come, first serve basis as well as infant through adult life jackets.


Does Hawaiian Falls Garland provide life jackets?
No outside floating devices are permitted as they might create a visual hazard for our lifeguards. However, infant floats with seating attached are permitted. Hawaiian Falls Garland only allows coast guard approved life jackets. We do provide inner-tubes free of charge on a first come, first serve basis as well as infant through adult life jackets.




Does Hawaiian Falls Garland have day lockers?
Enjoy unlimited quick access and never worry about your belongings when you're having fun at Hawaiian Falls Garland with the all new self-pay, keyless, electronic lockers available at a one stop rental center kiosk. No deposit required.
• Small (12”W x 15” H x 18” D) - $10
• Medium (15”W x 18”H x 18”D) - $15
• Large (18”W x 24”H x27”D) - $20


Does Hawaiian Falls Garland have a picnic area? May I bring a personal ice cooler?
Food and beverages can be brought into the park for a nominal fee. All coolers, containers or bags of any size containing food or drinks will be assessed a $15 fee and are subject to search by our staff.

We suggest sandwich fixings, small snacks, and drinks. No alcohol, no glass, no sharp knives and no large prepared meals or fast food from restaurants. You are welcome to leave your coolers in your vehicle. Be sure to get your hand stamped or a re-entry wristband when exiting to ensure an easy re-entry.

Exception: Factory sealed plain water bottles will be allowed at no charge. No glass, alcohol or sharp knives permitted. No cooked, prepared, catered or fast food please.




Are there height requirements for rides?
Different rides have different height requirements. Please check with the Front Gate for a measurement.


What may I wear at Hawaiian Falls Garland?
Hawaiian Falls Garland is a family waterpark. Appropriate, conservative swimwear only please. Swim wear is defined as an article of clothing, such as a swimsuit, that has been designed to be used in a pool environment. Swim wear should be lined and may not be transparent at any time. Revealing swim wear, thong or t-back swim wear bottoms will not be permitted. Cutoff jeans, denim clothing, hard metal objects, and shoes cannot be worn on the body contact slides. If a shirt must be worn on the slides, only tucked-in or form-fitting cotton, spandex, lycra or rash guard shirts may be worn. No undergarments may be visible at any time. No profanity/vulgar images or language allowed. We do highly recommend wearing shoes/sandals/flip flops when traveling around the park to avoid burns from hot sidewalks.


Is smoking allowed at Hawaiian Falls Garland?
Hawaiian Falls Garland is a smoke free environment. We do not allow cigarettes, cigars or electronic cigarettes inside the park. A smoking area is available outside of the park.


What is the minimum age for dropping off children?
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian at least 16 years or older.


Is the water safe for my family?
Hawaiian Falls Garland water is clean and safe, meets or exceeds local, state and Federal requirements for water treatment and monitoring on an ongoing basis. We test our water hourly to ensure proper pH and chlorine levels. Hawaiian Falls Garland employs a continuous filtration system along with additives such as Pulsar - SeaKlear PRS which are designed to remove minute particles from the pool systems.


Visitor likeness may be used for promotional purposes.
All ticket holders and season pass holders grant permission to Hawaiian Falls Garland to use his or her photo and video images taken at the park to be used for advertising purposes without payment to the holder.



Hawaiian Falls Garland Covid-19 Notice

For the safety of all our guest and team members, we have increased all health and safety measures at Hawaiian Falls Garland. You must follow all posted instructions and instructions given by our team members while visiting.


The CDC and local health departments advise that older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.  There is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 while in any public place where people are present.  By visiting Hawaiian Falls Garland, you are voluntarily assuming all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. 


Covid-19 FAQs

What is the best way to stay informed?

If you aren’t already a member of the Beach Club, now is the time to join! It is free and easy to join, and we will continue to keep everyone informed as we get closer to opening or as we get guidance from state and local authorities. To join the Garland Beach Club, CLICK HERE.


I have a group event planned at the park and have questions. Who do I contact?

Please contact your group sales representative, CJ McKellen, at cmckellen@hfallswaterpark.com or (972) 232-2914.


Is the park open for early season pass processing?

We will have early season pass processing on Wednesday, June 3rd from 3-8pm at the park. We have extended the deadline to pick up your free souvenir cup through June 13, 2020. Souvenir cups are available while supplies last.


How does the delayed open affect my 2020 Garland Island Season Pass?

Your 2020 Garland Island Pass will be valid for the duration of the 2020 season through September 2020. In addition to your regular season pass perks, we have added a few Bonus Benefits!

- BONUS BENEFIT – Bring a Friend FREE on Tuesdays
- BONUS BENEFIT – FREE Late Night Wednesdays at Hawaiian Falls The Colony

Once you have processed your pass, you can visit the new My Pass Page at https://hfalls.com/garland/my-pass.php to view all of your benefits for the 2020 season.


May I get a refund for my season pass or day ticket?

While these times are uncertain, we know that creating fond memories with your family will always be important and our team at Hawaiian Falls Garland looks forward to welcoming you the park this summer. Your season pass or daily admission ticket is valid throughout the 2020 season. We remain thankful for your support and patronage, now more than ever.

Season Passes and Day Tickets are non-refundable as stated at purchase and will be valid any regular operating day in 2020.


Are you still hiring for the 2020 season?

Yes, we are still accepting applications for seasonal staff for summer 2020! If you would like to apply, please visit https://hfalls.com/garland/employment.php. We will be conducting interviews via phone.


What are your cleanliness and sanitization standards and procedures?

Safety has and will continue to be our #1 priority! In preparation for opening day and while closely monitoring the evolving situation, we have put in place plans to increase our sanitizing protocol and will continue to follow the guidance of state and local health agencies.

All guest and team member high-touch points including surfaces, railings, technology screens, handles and doors will be sanitized throughout the day as per regular policy. We are also adding additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the park. Signs will be installed to remind team members and guests of health and hygiene best practices.

Regarding water safety, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released their guidance on COVID-19 and water transmission stating, in part, that “There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the water. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (with chlorine and bromine) of pools should kill COVID-19. Swimming and other water-related activities are excellent ways to get the physical activity needed for a healthy life. If you are not sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, it is safe to use swimming pools."

In addition to the steps outline above, we will ask team members who are exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms to stay home and contact their healthcare provider. The park will follow guidance from local and state officials, as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).


How will these extra safety measures affect wait time?

Please expect longer-than-normal wait times to pass through our health screening and security checkpoint, and to purchase tickets or process season passes. Please plan accordingly. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


How are you managing the 25% capacity rule?

Per the governor’s guidelines, we will be operating at 25% of our total park capacity. At this time, we are not requiring guests to pre-register to visit the park. We will be counting guests as they come in and as they are leaving to make sure we stay within our maximum capacity limit. We thank you for your patience and understanding.