Hawaiian Falls President: “It should be Christmas every day because it is a celebration of life and creation.”

Dawn Tongish – The 33 News


As Brandee Hopgood shopped for her dog, Molly, she didn’t mind being surrounded by Christmas decorations.

“It just makes me feel like celebrating.”

Hopgood was looking for the perfect pet present at Three Dog Bakery in Plano, where the spirit of the season is on display. There is a tree in the front window, canine stockings and edible dog treats decorated in red and green.

“Everything is Christmas here,” manager, Trish Kimsey, said.

Kimsey says even though employees greet shoppers with whatever makes them feel comfortable, the store boldly displays its Christmas pride and says Merry Christmas and she thinks it is good for business.

“I think it does attract people when they see the tree up and feel the Christmas spirit.”

Experts say some retailers are finding when it comes to the bottom line, Christmas may pay. Some are again using references to the Christian holiday over fears that more generic wording could prompt boycotts.

This year, Walgreens returned to embracing Christmas references and was placed back on the “nice” list. The American Family Association puts out the annual “naughty and nice” rankings, as a way to rate retailers on a willingness to use specific references to Christmas. This year the list also included Best Buy, Disney, Target andKohl’s among others.

“It should be Christmas every day because it is a celebration of life and creation,” Hawaiian Falls President and CEO, Dave Busch, said.

Busch says it is the goal of the entire staff of Hawaiian Falls to promote compassion and humanity and that includes Christmas in marketing the family-friendly parks to the public. Online, the park features a Christmas bible verse, alongside a sales pitch for a season pass. Busch says it is part of the Hawaiian Falls mission.

“We are in the water park business and that is a gift and that is the way we want to treat our guests to serve them. That is what Christmas is about too.”

Busch says the park this Christmas season will give away dozens of free passes to families who have been nominated for doing good deeds in the community. He calls the effort a “Christmas blessing”. But, not all retailers are embracing that word and will remain on the naughty list, at least for now.